Bold Black Valentine!

I claim there ain’t Another Saint As great as Valentine.
Ogden Nash

Hello Folks,


How do you want to leave the best impression on your valentine? It’s all about making her feel special. It’s important you feel comfortable to make her feel special. For many, valentines may just be other day but for someone who is emotionally attached to their closed one, it is a day where you express your love for them.

The day has special Significance in couples life so it is important to look classy which will add spark to your relationship.


A charcoal black colour shirt is the classic for the occasion. The black colour is considered to be one which evokes strong emotions. This strong colour will make your date feel secured and security is something any women look for. Women will always prefer men who she feels secured with. The black coloured shirt would also give a bold impression.


Make sure you chose the perfect fit shirt, a slim fit shirt would go perfectly well for you. You won’t need to have a toned body but the shirt would do its job to make you look slim.


A grey slim fit trouser is the perfect match for your black shirt. A well-fitted trousers will give you a complete look. You can even try blue trouser or beige pants as an option. Both colour trousers will go well with your black shirt.


last but not the least, black formal shoes will give you what you desired.

so folks keep it simple, most of us go overboard. It’s Valentines eve so keeps it classic and simple. it is not just about you looking decent it’s also about making her happy. So make every moment of her a valentine moment.

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Stay Classy, Stay Lovable.

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