Sassy And Jazzy In The Gym

Hey, lovely ladies!
It’s been long since I posted something on the blog and here I am, back with a new post. This post is about gym wear. First, let me tell a bit about myself and how I got into the gym.


I was very weak when I had joined college and I used to faint and fall sick. My friends used to make fun of me and call me weak. I couldn’t tolerate it and I joined the gym with that anger in my mind. I just wanted to tell them that I am strong and am capable of doing great things. I believed in myself and here I am fit and fabulous.



Ladies! Be confident with whatever you want to do. Make sure you pour your heart, mind, and soul into what you are doing. Always be patient and consistent and then you will notice that it works wonders!


I have been gyming for one and a half year now. The gym has become an addiction and something that I love doing personally. Let me tell you more about this gym look. I got these gym leggings from Converse onĀ Myntra. I paired these grey leggings with the bold black tank top from Jockey women.
To add to the look I wore edgy white shoes from Shoetopia.


so Girls, what are you waiting for? Go dress up and get your ass off to the gym, sweat it out and make things happen.Trust me, You have the power to shine.

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