Yawsomeness At The Yellow Chilli, Goa


Awesome Food, Astounding Ambience and Amazing Staff, That’s Sums up “The Yellow Chilli, Goa”

Very few places hold you own and make you spend a bit more time than usual, that how the experience was at “The Yellow Chilli, Goa”

The Yellow Chilli basically is a restaurant chain, focusing specifically on the northern West Indian and Mughal Era food. I guess having such place in a place like Goa has added value in Goa, now we have a variety of the food.


The restaurant just like other yellow chilli restaurants around the country had similar classical layout and table wear but there is one thing which makes this place stand out. The restaurant has given a Goan touch with the paintings of people in Goa. The joyful and eenergisedGoans are shown perfectly in the paintings.

For the starters, we had Fresh Green Salad and Bhatti Ka Jhinga, Bhatti ka jhinga which means roasted prawns. So do not get scared if you find the name unusually xD


Let’s jump directly in the main course, we both have divided taste of food. Ash being hard-core non-veg food while Shweta a complete vegetarian who tries her best to taste a non-veg food once in her lifetime. The Cream Chicken Ludhianwi was sweet as expected, the Goan taste buds are used to spicy chicken but I guess this was a pleasant change. It was delicious, the cream in it gave it a difference taste which you can experience exclusively at the restaurant.  Paneer Taka Tak was something which we never tried, being a big paneer fans we had to try this dish.


We will recommend you to have Virgin Pina Colada and Butterscotch Caramel Shake, that what we had and it was Yummy!

Shweta got a sweet tooth, every meal end with a desert. We had Cappuccino Coffee Cake With Butterscotch Lawa, it was absolutely mouth-watering. If you at the yellow chilli you must try it, it’s awesome.


The biggest thing this restaurant have his their staff, they are very friendly. We had to click few pictures and they made us feel completely comfortable.

To conclude I would just say if you want to spend some special occasion with your family with food, The yellow chilli, Goa. Is the place for you !!


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