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Hello Folks, How are you all?

It has been a while since you guys seen me on the blog. I was on a long holiday and Shweta was mesmerizing you all with her content. So let me restart again.

I guess wearing it for a spooky horror movie like Annable wouldn’t be a bad idea. We can hide under the shirt everytime we get super horror scene. Jokes apart let get back to the topic.

I love street style and it is universally known. So today I brought you all something which probably is most loved both among men and women. Obviously, you guys would have guessed it by looking at the featured image.


It’s a denim shirt.

We see most of the time Denim on Denim, but living in humid weather like Goa not really good for that. I tried something different, went with Joggers. I bought them from the Myntra. If you like it buy it, I kind a love for it, super comfortable Joggers. Olive green probably will be a trademark color of The Stylegen, we do have a lot of content around it.

Wore a white t-shirt, the white color is one of my favorite colors. I recommend everyone should have one of these white t-shirts in their wardrobe. I bought this one from Ajio.

The denim shirt I bought from Myntra again. They are not paying me to promote this, but I won’t mind if they had paid me. It’s simple light blue color Denim shirt. I was supposed to wear it without white t-shirt but then you know how Shweta is, she forced me to wear a t-shirt underneath. Probably she is right, it looked fabulous.

Hope you guys liked the look, let me know about it in the comment box and follow me on the Instagram.

Thank You.

Ashlesh Ajgaonkar

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