How I styled Yellow Pants for summer?

Get ready for the summer tan and some fun! I had asked on Instagram ‘What color do you associate with Summer?’ and I got different answers!

Some said it was yellow as summer is a perfect time for mangoes and some said red because that is what their skin color becomes! Haha!!

I happened to visit a farmhouse in Sanquelim- Goa and I ended up with the most relatable question of our lives(girls can relate)” What Do I wear?”

This is the first thought we all girls have- I don’t have anything to wear. Since I was feeling like I do not have anything to wear or to be more precise, I do not have something to wear for summer I shopped some clothes online from Myntra and got these Mustard Yellow Trousers. Like other girls even I was excited to use the hashtag #summeroutfits and thought the mustard yellow color would be a perfect match for summertime.


I posted the picture of this outfit on my Instagram and it got a very good response, some girls said they loved this outfit so I thought why not write about this outfit more elaborately on the blog? So here it is!

I was always reluctant to wear bright colors as I felt it would not suit me but you guys said that it worked fine for me! I couldn’t agree more with that!

I opted for black crop top from Global Desi, it creates contrast in my outfit. I really love the patterns on the closure line and on the shoulders this top has. Cotton material and relaxed fit is something that makes it suitable for summer days.

I haven’t used any accessories with this outfit but you can go for oxidized earrings and add more of Bohemian touch to it. I carried my backpack, yes it has been my favorite, I carry it with any outfit. I bought it from Max and I’m in love with it!

I wore slippers just so that I feel more comfortable and relaxed in what I’m wearing. You can go for flat sandals or flats of your choice. I kept the makeup minimal with my favorite Lotus lipstick in the shade Wine Fiesta to give a boost to the bare face. I think this ensemble is the best for summer, I really I experimented something different this time and I loved the outcome.
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So that was it. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Thank you for being supportive and always showering love upon The Style Gen.

You can tell me your views and suggestions in the comments below. I will be happy to read and reply to each one of you.

Lots of Love to you !!


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