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Whats Up Life?

Hey everyone, yes I know I’m writing after a long time! Welcome to the blog and today’s blog is all about our lives, I want to tell you guys what I have been up to and why I’m not consistent with the blog posts here.

As we had decided( I and Ashlesh) we are traveling in and around Goa and showing you guys the real Goa, we thought why not take it a step further? We would put up pictures on Instagram and show the places, by taking it up a step further, what I meant is that We decided to make these memories last in the form of vlogs and videos! Yes, we started our Youtube channel and we gave more than a hundred subscribers on the channel as of now.

We always loved traveling and exploring different places. Being a Goan, we always thought why don’t we travel and see the beautiful places our state has? Our Youtube channel is all about your travel vlogs and what we are up to. yes all our vlogs are up on our Youtube channel and you can watch them here

What up with the blog?

At the moment we are fully focussing on creating content which you guys will enjoy and yes I know I need to include that in the blog posts too. so Guys be prepared to read more of travel posts from now on and also I would love sharing some of our life experiences with you guys.

When we say we are enjoying our life, what is it that makes the difference in our lives? Our hunger for the things we love to do- it can be filming, photography and gym!

We have been consistently uploading videos and there are times when we run out of ideas, I’m sure most of you’ll do get to this phase. That’s the time we sit and talk our hearts out.

So today while we were speaking I just thought of putting up our thoughts on this blog and let you know what we are really up to! I hope you guys are enjoying, as much as we do 🙂

Future goals?

We want to deliver the best content and be content creators and be your favorite, haha

Yes, we are always on the hunt of room for improvement and we make sure we step up the game every damn time! We want to be sure we learn and grow each day and realize that we need to be better each day 🙂

I hope you guys will join us on this journey, thank you for the love <3

you are amazing 🙂

The Style Gen

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