Dear Zindagi Road Parra Madani

Dear Zindagi Road?

Dear Zindagi is a popular Bollywood Movie. This movie has some fantastic moments which makes your love your life but today we going to share somehing which is dear to us.

Goa has been integral part of the Bollywood and lot of the time Bollywood has overpowered Goa and its culture but we would talk about it some other days. Today we going to focus on small thing which is the places.

Dear Zindagi Road which is popular off late, lot of people travel from around the country to click a picture but hardly few aware about the real name of the place. Today in this vlog and blog we have shared some information which could be beneficial for these people.

Parra Madani has always been one of the beautiful places in Parra. Parra is a small village in the north Goa. The Road is especially known for its typical Goan beauty with Coconut trees on both the sides and paddy field on either side of the roads.

Even though Dear Zindagi have put Parra on the global map we should not forget the real name of the place.

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