Emiway Bantai Machayenge Dhyan de

Emiway Bantai – Machayenge/Dhyan De

Emiway Bantai in last few months has been making huge waves in Indian Hip Hop scene. The artist has been creating waves after waves. The Music which he creating has been making headlines on YouTube and TikTok.

Its one of our favourite Song and we kind of found our legs moving on his beats. Even though we are not a great dancer but his energy in his song makes anyone dance on his music.

So Who is Emiway Bantai?
Emiway Bantai is Indian, Mumbai based Rapper. His sensational hits on YouTube has made him popular among the young Indian Kids. His music is from the streets and that what makes him one of the top rapper along with Divine, Naezy etc.

We were at Amthane Dam in Goa, which is one of the popular places among TV Ads. Loads of Commercials have been shot here and we felt about the excitement we have with the new Song of Emiway Bantai which is Dhyan De.

Amthane Dam is in the northern part of Goa, its secluded Dam with beautiful Surrounding. We always been among those who prefered places like these over mainstream places.

Here is our few moves over the popular Machayenge Song of Emiway Bantai. Subscribe to our You Tube Channel and spread love.

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