The Plaid Weekend

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” Hello People!

I am Ashlesh Ajgaonkar, Business Management graduate from Goa. The above quote of Saint Augustine is perfect to begin this blog. I was reading page of fashion, trying to experiment with what I wear and how I’ll look. Now I’ve decided to start the journey of travelling in the ocean of fashion. Let’s start this journey with my first Blog on The Style Gen.


“The Plaid Weekend” How about turning your weekend with Plaid look? you wish to carry yourself differently yet not look odd among the rest,then you should have a look below!

You don’t have to go fancy all the time, classic red and blue plaid shirt which I have used is perfect. Any young man who wants to hang out with his homies, this is perfect one for you. The Plaid shirt is from the brand called Roadster.
You can make two looks from your Plaid Shirt, and trust me that’s the best thing you can do if you have planned date with two girls;)! A solid white t-shirt and unbutton shirt is perfect for outdoor look paired with jeans. It is one of the thumb rule in fashion rule book and it’s my personal favourite look.2

The second look, which is jeans and your plaid shirt is good to go for evening. It gives you smart casual look. You guys can try both the looks and let me know which one is your favourite in comment box. Its winter so it would be perfect to go with darker shade Plaid shirt.1-2

I paired my red and blue plaid shirt with a light blue jeans of the same brand. The lighter shade of the jeans brings the shirt forefront. The blue jeans is one of the basic must have in the wardrobe. White shoes will make your look complete. It compliments the lighter shade of jeans and solid v neck t-shirt.4

Hope you guys like this look, Let me know how you felt the start of our blog.

Wear with freedom, it’s your choice!

thanks for dropping by and reading my blog!


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