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Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!


A day to celebrate love and cherish good old memories with your loved ones. We may say it is not just about one day to show your love someone but the day has its essence in the hearts of the love birds. this is the day when the people who love each other show their love and care. It is a beautiful day to celebrate beautiful feeling called love. Falling in love is an alluring feeling, and I am sure you too love somebody.


Valentine’s day is a perfect excuse for dressing up and feel good about it. The vibrant red colour is chosen over others. Red symbolises energy, passion and deep love. this is is the reason I chose to wear this red fringed dress. You need the complete attention of your date, trust me this colour will surely hold him long and make him fall for you all over again.


I bought this red fringed dress from “all about you from Deepika Padukone”. The brand range is inspired and designed by Deepika Padukone, which celebrates the beauty of women. It’s very comfortable red shift dress with round neck and short sleeves. It’s fringes and metal rivets are icing on the cake.  I teamed up the suede boots which I bought from Nell. The boots with pencil heels give the edgy feel to the overall look.  Black clutch will add boldness to it. I wore gold round earrings and a cuff which gives an impression of richness and being confident. Don’t forget to wear beautiful smile lovely ladies.


Go ahead and celebrate love! Wake up, dress up and be bold. Remember you got the power to slay, go mesmerise your love!

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