Just Another Casual Day

Hello folks

When you stay in humid places like India, you have to be very selective about your casuals. It’s all about looking fabulous with comfort.

I am a huge admirer of jogger pants, and I believe it goes well on me. It is just the perfect for your street style trouser collection. This is the first time I am having grey Joggers in my collection and it looks amazing.

Let us come to the Pink

I have paired the grey joggers with the Pink t-shirt. I like to keep it with simple with solid t-shirts, and I think it went perfectly with the trouser. Pink solid t-shirts are bit underrated when it comes to the casual look. It is absolutely illogical when we hear that pink is all about women, the color is getting prominences among men in last few years.

If you want to look stylish yet classy in your college, do give it a try at this look.

So how are you going to style your Pink t-shirt, let me know in the comments below!

Ashlesh Ajgaonkar Pink Ashlesh Ajgaonkar The Pink

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