More than a stare! Ft. German Eye wear COCOLENI

Cocoleni is a house of German Eye wear and they have amazing collection of eye wear and sunglasses. They have wide variety of designs,ladies (and also gentlemen) get ready to be spoilt for choice once you enter the Cocoleni Showroom!

We dropped by Cocoleni at their showroom situated in Caranzalem Panjim- Goa, India and we were left stunned to see the store filled with so many sunglasses of different makes. Cocoleni offers you the best eyewear in different materials including buffalo horn material, acetate, titanium, pure wood, metal and plastic.

Okay so now we need to understand what are the different types of frames and their specialty. Let’s learn more about it.

Cellulose acetate is made up of plastic cellulose acetate material. It looks very much like plastic and is lightweight, being the highest quality plastic for eyewear.

Buffalo Horn
Yes! You can get buffalo horn frames or sunglasses at Cocoleni. Buffalo Horn material is also lightweight and can lend you that extra edgy look you deserve. You can get the frames in various colors and designs. Buffalo Horn frames can give you very pleasing feel and also make you look stylish at the same time.

These are the type of frames which are light and durable. They have an ability to resist corrosion. It’s basically a metal with luster having a silver color. They look super cool letting you be comfortable while you wear them.

Want to leave your best impression wherever you go? make sure to grab eye wear made from Pure wood. Cocoleni has the best wooden make sunglasses and we loved them so much so that we got one!

Plastic and Metal
Apart from all the other materials mentioned above, you can also get spectacles in plastic or metal material. There are vivid designs with beautiful arm detailing for the specs.

Did you know that Cocoleni’s Lenses are made using state of the art German technology, which multi-layers the lenses with scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, anti-fogging and hydrophobic properties? Isn’t it worth a buy?

Are you not curious to explore more? Yes, you are! You can visit their website
( and take a glance at what they have to offer for you!

what we love about Cocoleni is the quality of all the eye wear and how Cocoleni eye wear can grab attention within a fraction of a blink!

Also, the staff at the Cocoleni showroom was very friendly and helped us patiently to select the right frames!

Are you excited to see what we selected from the store?

here are some amazing pictures and looks that we styled using the sunglasses and eyeglasses we got from Cocoleni!

Be confident to rock the wooden sunglasses!


Ditch the regular aviator sunglasses and replace them with these Wooden Sunglasses.

It’s time to wear the change! Brown tinted glasses look fab, don’t you agree?

Be a boss lady wearing acetate sunglasses!


are you a boss lady with a great taste for style who is always on the search of the best sunglasses? We suggest you to try these acetate sunglasses from Cocoleni, with black and pattern on it. It’s also polarized in the shades of blue.

Be effortlessly stylish wearing Buffalo horn specs!


Buffalo horn eyeglasses come in various designs and hence can be suitable for you if you are looking for something very different from the normal frames. You can rock the everyday basics in this stylish white buffalo horn Cocoleni frames.

Be a trendsetter with titanium frames


What can look cool in your entire outfit is this titanium frames. You are not fully dressed until you put on this fabulous eye wear from Cocoleni.

Stay Cool with the wooden frames


The best part of the Cocoleni is the compatibility for the men. These wooden frames are so cool, you just don’t need to make an effort to get fit into it. If you are someone who wants to try something which is not so usual, these are the frames you can use and look different yet trendy.

Staying stylish with Acetate specs


All you have to do is grab a pair of acetate material Cocoleni spectacles to slay in your basics.

Black and white patterned eye wear looks cool making you more confident about your looks!

Beating away the blues and getting in the heat?


Oh yes! Cocoleni has got you covered with these super attractive round sunglasses. They are apt for wearing in the sun or you can carry them with you at the beach.

How excited are you to grab a pair of specs from Cocoleni? Wear Cocoleni with pride!

Tell us in the comments which is your favorite look. Also don’t forget to check our Instagram and Facebook page πŸ™‚

Keep Rocking! Blink Blink!


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  1. The wooden sunglasses are amazing 😍. And the Buffalo one is just omg! πŸ˜„ You did good, keep it up.. ✌ I liked the female model and I’ve some good opportunity she can hit on so if you could refer me her details, would be very thankful to you..

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