The Secret Paradise In Goa


Goa is most often known for its beautiful scenery and amazing beaches. We are on our quest to explore every single Beach in Goa but what will really make this journey interesting unexpected places we will spot while we on the road.

We never had a remote idea that unexpected places will take us to this lovely Paradise. We had planned to visit Cabo de Rama fort but a thought stuck us to travel bit further and see what we can find.

Shweta Nagde The StyleGenWe had heard about this beach from few acquaintances but had no clue we would get surprised. It is not really a typical coastline like rest of the beaches in Goa. You will not even get the hint that beach will exist in the location unless you read every board on the road. Obviously, we had to ask the locals, they were friendly and gave us the exact location of the beach.

We walked into the jungle hoping to find trails of the beach. We thought it would be an easy road, and typical beach but what we saw just amazed us. It is a difficult road, you need to walk about 7-8km, and most of the times it’s a steep slope. If you have poor fitness level you probably will find it hard. As we were walking further down the hill, we started to realized how this decision to skip Cabo de  Rama fort was worthed.


We reached the beach, it is the secluded beach, where you hardly find 1-2 shacks. There were exactly 4 tourists on the beach, probably Europeans. The whole beach was us now, we found a nice place to set our camp, clicked amazing pictures which you will see below and soaked the beauty of the beach.045A1005c



This beach is secluded have preserved its beauty, it’s clean and we hope it remains the way it is for next few decades. While most of the North Goan beach remain accessible to the tourist, The Tiger Beach may find few more years to get into a wishlist of the tourist.

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