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Out First Konkani Vlog On YouTube

Just like every Goan, we love our state, our culture, and our language. The word Goa is mostly misrepresented by mainstream media and we want to change way the rest of India look at Goa. We want to show real Goa to the people.

Today we decided to film a vlog in Konkani, it was out of sudden. Nothing was planned, it just came to our mind and we started speaking. We usually travel, click pictures and today we thought recording our views. Konkani is one of the scheduled languages in Indian constitution yet off late we seeing Goan schools and colleges losing its grip among the students. Nothing against any particular language but we know India is a vast country and diversity makes it beautiful.

Konkani Vlogs – Loved It?

The language plays important role in the diversity of the nation. We have to protect our culture and which starts in our schools. The way of Speaking Konkani varies from Pernem to Canacona but melody remains the same.

Today we decided to travel to a place which Shweta was familiar with. She always spoke about the isolated temple located in Pirna Goa.The spring on the floor of the temple makes it an interesting place. It is not easy to locate but once you manage to find it, trust me you guys are going to love spending your time at the temple.

Beautiful scenic location and temple in the middle of that serene location are just wow. Birds chirping, peacocks and Rabbits running around makes it one of the best place we have seen this monsoon.

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